A family is devastated after a black bear attack left one of their beloved miniature donkeys dead. The scariest part, though, is what happened when the bear came back for the others.

Black bear Attack Near Hudson, NY

"This morning a miniature donkey was attacked and killed in an enclosed fenced-in area by a big black bear", began a Facebook post in the Hudson, NY Public Community Board. "Soon after the donkey had been buried the bear came back and got back in the paddock area where three other donkeys were... very scary", they continued. What the owner did next was the only thing that saved the lives of the other animals.

The attack happened near Shasta Drive and Fish & Game Rd in Claverack, NY (Betty4240 via Canva/Google)
The attack happened near Shasta Drive and Fish & Game Rd in Claverack, NY (Betty4240 via Canva/Google)

New York DEC Responds to Bear Attack

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) confirmed the black bear attack in the town of Claverack, near Hudson, NY, and elaborated on the actions that saved the remaining donkeys:

The bear returned on Tuesday evening and had the remaining donkeys cornered in the pen and the owner was able to scare the bear off

The Facebook post added extra details as well, sharing that "the homeowner noticed the bear and ran out of the house yelling at the bear. It ran and jumped a five foot fence and escaped." Here's what you can do to keep your animals safe from a similar fate.

Jillian Cooper via Canva
Jillian Cooper via Canva

Black Bear Protection in New York

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) reports that black bear attacks on farm animals are not uncommon, but they are generally "concentrated in remote areas." Still, attacks near homes do happen, and animal owners are urged to keep an eye out for signs of bear, as they usually stalk prey before attacking. There are also some more proactive steps to take.

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"Wildlife biologists are working with the property owner on solutions to protect their remaining animals from the bear, including electric fencing recommendations", shared the DEC's Regina Willis. The USDA also recommends implementation of guard dogs, and "scare tactics" like "motion-activated lights, and horns."

Bear on Campus at SUNY New Paltz NY

On Thursday (June 23, 2022) this unassuming good-size black bear wandered onto campus and decided to climb a tree. The SUNY New Paltz Police along with the NYS DEC Police monitored the situation on-site. They were able to encourage the campus visitor to return home without incident.

Bear Destroys Vehicle in Search of Food

This is why you don't leave food anywhere bears can smell it. Even in your car.