You never know who's going to drop by the radio station. Fuel was kind enough to perform a few songs acoustically before their concert over at The Chance Theater in Poughkeepsie in April of 2014.

The band gave us permission to film and post the material to YouTube where the video lived for a few years with several thousand views. Not the 1.2 billion we hoped for, but whatever. Long story short we get excited anytime we get to work with Fuel.

About a month ago we started getting some strange comments on the page. And yes in hindsight I could have done a better job on the audio but one must learn somewhere. So the comments kept coming in and were along the lines of 'I'll stick to the album version, recorded with a potato', 'a real treat to see them in a small setting' and 'that dbag on his phone and all the rest of the dopes'. The comments are all from different screen names but use much of the same terminology. And just for the record, the guy in the background was the tour manager who was dealing with a few issues at the time so not paying much attention to the show.

So now, with the video up over 155,000 views, I'm starting to wonder how many of those are real and how many are fake. The bottom line is, bots are out there and they're active. And will they pick up on a blog post about themselves and leave strange comments?

Here's what the bots look like in action, enjoy the video of Fuel performing 'Shimmer' below.

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