You can look and feel like a million bucks in New York when you visit this boutique owned by a  'Real Housewife of New Jersey'.

Hands down, one of my favorite reality television stars is Melissa Gorga from 'The Real Housewives of New Jersey'. She's stunning, hysterical, has the best style, is a great mom, awesome wife and has had to deal with a lot while she's been on the show. It's not been easy for her, Melissa joined the cast on Season 3 and is married to Joe Gorga (who is the other infamous housewife Teresa Giudice's younger brother).

She's been dealing with the Gorga Family drama for years and has handled it with as much grace as possible. Melissa always stands up for what she believes is right and does it with a great pair of shoes on.

Can you tell she's my favorite?

What 'Real Housewife' opened up a boutique in New York?

Melissa Gorga did, she has amazing style and great ideas when it comes to clothes so this was really a no-brainer.  Melissa started her first boutique in New Jersey and it did so well she decided to open a second one right here in New York. Make sense for her next move in the fashion industry.

Where is 'Real Housewife' Melissa Gorga's boutique located in New York?

Envy by Melissa Gorga is located at 389A  New York Avenue in Huntington, New York, Melissa had her grand opening back in March and TONS of fans came to get a look at the store and to see Melissa. I'm already planning my trip to check out the store so anyone who wants to join is welcomed.

Many fans wrote on the post really positive things about the grand opening:

  • Kathy- "Love your outfit, congratulations"
  • Norma- "Congratulations Melissa on you new store, you are such a hard worker, and you have a beautiful family, much happiness to all of you"
  • Dianne- "Congratulations! Best of luck to you on your new location. Great place to have a store! Huntington is my hometown"
  • Danielle-"Congratulations Melissa. The store is absolutely beautiful! Wishing you all the success in Huntington :))"
  • Glady- "Great time meeting Joe, Melissa and Antonia at the store opening! The clothes are beautiful!! All the best"

If you're heading to Long Island this summer you can check out this awesome spot. We wish Melissa Gorga, her family and the Envy by Melissa Gorga staff the best of luck with their latest adventure.

Side note: if you ever have extra clothes to give away or need someone to model them I;m right here and can easily take the drive up.

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