Brandi's Future Husband this week is based in Russia so she will have to hop on a plane for their first date. This guy probably wanted to go to great lengths to get ready for Brandi. Maybe he wanted to impress her with the 'perfect' bottle of wine? Due to the difference in language we will have to wait for a translator to find out the exact details of his date prep.

This guy 'borrowed' an armored personnel carrier (APC) to help gain access to a wine store before the shop opened. Yes, he brought the APC into the shop, through the front door, before the shop opened. What was he looking for? A bottle of wine, of course: a single bottle of wine. He selected the bottle, hopped back in the APC and then reversed his way out of the store.

Of course, the owners of the store had a bit of an issue with the damage to the store and the stealing. Looks like Brandi will have to wait for a few months before she will be going on a date with this guy.

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