Broadway shows had an unofficial opening night and it looked pretty packed. Will you wait in long lines for crowded theaters or wait a little while?

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic still being a concern for many it looks like New York is coming back. Restaurants are open, large gatherings are happening and even massive concerts and music festivals have returned. If there's one thing that evident from this summer it is that New Yorkers missed the arts. One of the biggest stages for the arts has been revived.

According to the New York Post, the theater scene on Broadway has finally reached the point before the pandemic. Several shows made their debut for the first time this year including Wicked, Hamilton & The Lion King. It has been over a year since some of the show have seen the stage.

Live theater is such a huge part of New York City. Though many are glad to see it return and it may have been packed this week will we continue to see that kind of attendance?

Many New Yorkers still fear contracting COVID-19 and the new Delta variant. According to, all members must prove that they are fully vaccinated up on entry into the the theater.

Do you remember the last time you went to a Broadway show?

Will you venture south to see a show or will you wait a little while longer until the virus gets under control.

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