Raise your hand if you love brunch! You can't see it, but I answered my own question and both of my hands are in the air.

buffet food

Now that Sundays are a less exciting with football out of the picture, you have the perfect excuse to enjoy a nice brunch every once in a while. Back in September Governor Andrew Cuomo passed the Brunch Bill which made it legal for restaurants to serve alcohol before 12pm. Ship to Shore in Kingston and Beech Tree in Poughkeepsie are a few of my favorite places for brunch in the Hudson Valley.

If you want to enjoy a full day of brunch you might want to hop on the train and get over to Brunch-Con in Brooklyn on March 26th. Brunch Con will have some of the hottest brunch spots in New York City on hand as well as a few activities that may make your hungover Sunday a little brighter. They'll have Brunch Speed Dating set up as well as a Brunch Con Market to purchase brunch theme attire. But the real MVP is the Hangover Lounge. According to the website the Hangover Lounge will be set up all day with "hair of-the-dog cocktails, greasy food, no light and places to lounge." Sounds epic.

Check out the Brunch Con website to purchase your tickets. You'll probably find me in the Hangover Lounge all day.