One cable company has found themselves in very hot water with the FCC and will now have to pay big for their questionable business practices.

According to CNN Money the FCC just hit Comcast Cable with the biggest fine in history against a cable provider. Comcast has been ordered to pay a $2.3 million dollar civil penalty and adhere to several compliance orders after charging countless costumers for services and products they didn't ask for.

The FCC began investing the cable giant two years ago after receiving over 1,000 complaints about unjust practices. In many cases not only did customers not ask for the services/products they were overcharged for they went as far as to specifically tell customer service reps that they didn't want them, yet were still charged. To make it worse when customers attempted to have the items removed and/or refunded the company made the process lengthly and very difficult.

In a statement Travis LeBlanc, the FCC'S Chief of Enforcement Bureau said that it the billing process for cable company's should be pretty straight forward.

“It is basic that a cable bill should include charges only for services and equipment ordered by the customer — nothing more and nothing less,"

In addition to the fine Comcast will also have to be monitored for five years and will need to create new processes for customers to be notified when services are added, be able to add ways to block new services and also make it easier to remove said services.

After the decision came down Comcast told CNN Money that it didn't agree with the ruling but the company did admit some short comings in customer service.

“In our view, after two years, it is telling that [the FCC] found no problematic policy or intentional wrongdoing, but just isolated errors or customer confusion,” the company’s statement reads. It added, “We agree those issues should be fixed and are pleased to put this behind us and proceed with these customer service-enhancing changes.”