Westworld is HBO's biggest hit since Game of Thrones, and if you go anywhere on the internet, it seems like everyone is talking about it all the time. There's only one tiny problem... does anyone actually understand anything that is happening on this show?

This is a genuine question. I have watched every episode of Westworld and feel like I couldn't even begin to try to explain what's happening. I thought a had a pretty good grasp on it during the first season, but season two has left me reeling with fits of confusion.

And that's usually not a problem for me! I'm all for weird, non-linear storytelling that goes to strange places. Twin Peaks: The Return is like my favorite thing of all time. But there's something about Westworld that just confounds me. The shows plays around with timelines so much, you start to expect Rick and Morty to jump out of a portal to try to make sense of it. (This would also make the show a thousand times better, get on it, HBO).

Are you a Westworld fan that actually knows what's going on? Want to explain to me literally anything that's happening here?

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