It's a free country, right?

It's tough to talk politics these days. Maybe we should follow the basic principle that many of us learned when we young and just not discuss it in public. It's hard not to though especially before and after an important election.

The current political climate can make just about any conversation extremely volatile. It's best to keep your views to yourself when your in public or at the workplace

However, this is America and you can vote for whoever you want without any repercussions.

You should probably hold off before telling everyone at work to follow you on Parler.

Of course there are both federal and state discrimination laws. According to, there are protections regarding one's character like their race, religion or gender but political ideologies don't necessary fall under those.

What about free speech?

There's actually not many states that make it illegal for an employer to discriminate over someone's views on politics.

The first amendment doesn't allow the government to infringe upon your right. Private companies don't need to adhere to this. So, unless you work for the government your speech may not be protected at work.

Sate's have different protections and you probably shouldn't rely on being protected from your views, speech and protests you attend if you work from a private employer. This was confirmed by local attorney, Alex Mainetti of Mainetti & Mainetti.


It might just be best practice to leave your politics at the door when you go to work.

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