Like all of you, I buy things online, and then the companies I buy from follow me online everywhere I go. Normally, I find it bothersome, but every so often I find something unbelievable. That is what happen when Goldbelly tracked me down and flashed me with a PieCaken.

If you are not familiar with this dessert, let me be the one to enlighten you. It is so crazy it is almost absurd. But truth be told, this dessert mashup is credited to a Top Pastry chef, so how bad could it be? According to the sales flyer that followed me on social media from Goldbelly, the original creator of this unimaginable dessert is Chef Zac Young.

I will admit that I was fascinated by the thought of it. I think I could almost get through a piece of it as long as it was sliced thin. The cinnamon icing is the part along with the pecan pie I can't resist. It is so much dessert, it is actually 4 desserts all in one is the way I see it.

I am not the first person to say this but the Piecaken is the dessert equivalent of the Turducken which Goldbelly can sell you as well. If you have never heard of the Turducken it is a turkey that is stuffed with a duck that is stuffed with a chicken.

After discovering the PieCaken thanks to Goldbelly I got thinking about all the amazing bakeries we have in the Hudson Valley and I set out to find one that makes it so we can all shop local. I want to shout out all of the bakeries that got back to me about this crazy dessert so check out the dessert photos below.

PieCaken Bakery Hunt in the Hudson Valley

Imagine a Thanksgiving dessert that is every possible choice rolled up into one. According to Goldbelly, the original creator of this massive holiday treat is Zac Young "Top Ten Pastry Chef in America". I decided to set out to find a PieCaken created in the Hudson Valley. These are the bakeries I heard back from and what they said about the PieCaken