Clowns Are Not Happy About "Freak Show" on American Horror Story. What they are doing to make it safer for all."Clowns Of America" are putting their big red shoes down on FX's "American Horror Story" and other antics giving their act a bad rap.  Coulrophobia, or clown fear, has been in high gear over the past week after John Carroll Lynch made his debut as Twisty, the creepy killer clown in FX's "Freak Show."  Adding to the fear are reports of real-life menacing clowns popping up in several towns in California.  The president of Clowns of America International tells "The Hollywood Reporter" they won't stand for it.  Glenn Kohlberger, also known as Clyde D. Scope in his clown persona, says his group will not support any medium that sensationalizes or adds to the fear of well-meaning clowns. What do you think? Should clowns be kept friendly? Or (since it's almost Halloween) should clowns be allowed to freak everyone out?