They say to step outside of your comfort zone for your New Years Resolutions, and fewer things say "leave your comfort zone" more than ice climbing! Are you able to go face to face with frozen cliff faces? Are you able to take on the feel of the tundra? Personally, I'm not sure if I am, but I have to admit, this looks really cool! Plus, I had no idea that the Hudson Valley offered something like this.

The Catskill Climbing Festival 2022 is celebrating its 24th year and is being held in Rosendale, New York, brought to us by Alpine Endeavors LLC. Alpine Endeavors is comprised of experienced, passionate climbers who are trained guides and instructors. They offer climbing instruction and guiding to climbers of all abilities for rock climbing, ice climbing, alpine climbing, and mountaineering. Besides those climbs, they also offer guided hikes, snowshoeing, navigational skills, and team building events. I'm not sure if an event could be any bigger than the Ice Climbing Festival, though!

You can join the Catskill Ice Climbing Festival from January 22nd to the 24th. You can choose from a multitude of clinic on all the skills and techniques you need to get on the ice. They teach the basic skills to dry-tooling to glacier travel techniques. Each day offers something different:

Saturday, January 22nd

  • Basic Movement
  • Steep Ice Techniques

Sunday, January 23rd

  • Intermediate Ice Movement
  • Mixed Climbs and Dry Tooling

Monday, January 24th

  • Backcountry Day in the Ravines

As an added bonus, Rock and Snow will offer 25% off for apparel and 15% off ice gear for all icefest registrants through the end of the festival. So, if you're looking for something adventurous to kick off the year with, taking a trip out to the Catskill Ice Climbing Festival may be a cool move for you.

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