What do you get when you combine a celebrity chef, a rock star, great rock and roll music, and a whole bunch of Hudson Valley Mom and Pop restaurants? You get a very cool video, that’s what.

Hudson Valley celebrity chef Ric Orlando, a winner of the Food Network’s Chopped and Beat Bobby Flay, has teamed up with rock star Andy Shernoff from The Dictators, and the end result is a rocking new music video called Born Hungry. The video is fun and funny, and it’s also a great rock and roll song that features some of the Hudson Valley’s favorite food establishments.

First we’ll share the video. Watch and see if you can recognize any of the restaurants in the video. At the end of the video we’ll show you all of the individual establishments. It’ll be fun!

Celebrity Chef Visits Top Spots in the Hudson Valley in New Music Video

Hudson Valley Restaurants Featured in Chef Ric Orlando's Video 'Born Hungry' Video

Big thanks to Ric Orlando and Andy Shernoff for sharing their fun new video with us, and for highlighting some great eating spots here in the Hudson Valley.

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