The commencement of a significant infrastructure endeavor in Chautauqua County has been announced, marking the initiation of a $45 million project aimed at revitalizing the pavement along the New York State Thruway (I-90). Spanning nearly 35 miles between exit 59 (Dunkirk - Fredonia - NY Route 60) and exit 60 (Westfield - Mayville - NY Route 394), this revitalization effort addresses a vital corridor handling over 7.8 million vehicles annually, serving as a gateway to Western New York and the Southern Tier.

The project encompasses comprehensive pavement rehabilitation, incorporating both full and partial depth repairs to segments of the roadway, ultimately bolstering its structural integrity for enhanced long-term durability and ride quality. Furthermore, the initiative entails the implementation of vertical clearance improvements across 16 bridge locations to mitigate the risk of future bridge collisions, a crucial safety enhancement measure.

Scheduled For Completion By The End Of 2025

Scheduled for completion by the end of 2025, this endeavor represents a fraction of the broader $420.1 million investment earmarked for the Western New York Region over the next five years. State Senator George M. Borrello emphasized the necessity of infrastructure improvements to address wear and deterioration along this vital transportation artery. Similarly, Assemblymember Andy Goodell expressed appreciation for proactive infrastructure investment, particularly highlighting the project's timing ahead of the summer travel season.

Chautauqua County Executive Paul M. Wendel, Jr. echoed sentiments of gratitude, emphasizing the project's contributions to enhancing safety and travel experience for both residents and visitors navigating the county's thoroughfares. The initiative underscores a steadfast commitment to safety and infrastructure excellence, with support instrumental in realizing these enhancements.

 Fines Doubled For Speeding Infractions In Work Zones

Managed by Oakgrove Construction, Inc. from Elma, NY, the project is expected to be executed with precision following a competitive bidding process, with an anticipated completion date aligning with the end of 2025. Furthermore, motorists are reminded to adhere to posted work zone speed limits, with fines doubled for speeding infractions in work zones, underscoring the importance of safety for both workers and travelers.

I-90's Best Pit Stops

Driving from Sioux Falls to the Black Hills is a hefty trip. It's pretty difficult to make it across the state without taking a pit stop. If your bladder can take it, it takes about five hours to make the trip. If you're the average person you will need to stop somewhere. So what are the best places to make that quick stop to refuel and relieve yourself?

I went to Black Hills State University in Spearfish and my family and I take at least one trip there every year. I have traversed the state probably a hundred times or more. If you are going to make a stop along the way, these are the places to make it.