On a recent Saturday night, I found myself driving through Rhinebeck when my friend told me that I had to pull over, park and go into Grand Cru. He said that it was a great place to feature for Cheap Eats Hudson Valley.

I hate it when my friends are right. I had been to Grand Cru, 6384 Mill St, Rhinebeck, NY 12572 (Route 9, just south of the light, sort of across from the Beekman Arms) several times, but forgot that they have food. Ok, not traditional food with a big menu, but they have cheeses, cheese plates and really good soft pretzels.

The two of us decided to split it. I got the beer and the pretzels, (with tip and tax) I spent $20, which is where I like to be for Cheap Eats. They went and grabbed a cheese platter, with two cheeses, bread, nuts, dried figs, raisins, and a jam. They spent $13 plus tax and tip. As you will see in the photo, you have an option of how many cheeses you want.

The photo might not be a good representation of how things tasted or how much we got to eat, but with the pretzels and the two cheese, cheese board, things were good. Both of us were not even thinking about more food for a few hours. Now, thinking about more beer? I think we were already making our next beer selection, before we had even got half way through the beer we were drinking.

This particular night, there were 16 beers on tap, plus hard cider, wine and prosecco available. This is not including the vast selections of beers that they also had available for purchase on the shelves and in the cooler.

Table space gets filled quickly, but you will get a cozy, not cramped vibe here. Check out the artist that they are featuring for the month with their art work on the walls or follow them on facebook to find out when the taps change and who will be performing live music.

Do you have a place that Cheap Eats Hudson Valley should check out? Email Brandi at Brandi@wrrv.com with the place and what the "Cheap Eats" are. Thanks.