Surrounded by high fuel prices, there's a small oasis in Ulster County that the recent price increases seem to have missed: Kingston, NY.

Nationally, the current average gas price is $4.15 per gallon, with New York State coming in even higher at $4.26 per-gallon. Kingston, NY however, is unfazed. There are currently NINE gas stations in our state's former capital with fuel prices under $4 per-gallon, with one station charging only a few cents above the cheapest price in the entire Empire state. But before we get to the best, here's how to avoid the worst.


Gas Prices in Dutchess County, NY

The worst offender for gas prices in the Mid-Hudson Valley seems to be Dutchess County. Gas stations in Beacon and Poughkeepsie both are currently advertising prices over $4.40 per gallon. That's why if you want to save money, you'll have to look on the other side of the river. Newburgh, NY currently has prices hovering around $4.20 per gallon, but the real savings is a bit further north in Kingston.

One of the many Kingston gas stations that can save you money on your next fill up (Google Maps)
One of the many Kingston gas stations that can save you money on your next fill up (Google Maps)

Gas Prices in Kingston, NY

There seems to be a special halo around the city of Kingston, NY, because not every town in Ulster County has such great deals on fuel. Just one exit south on the thruway, New Paltz, NY offers $4.18 per-gallon as its cheapest option. Ellenville, NY's lowest price is $4.21 per-gallon. So if you want to fill up with the smallest dent to your bank account, head to exit 19 on the New York State thruway and pump in Kingston. Here are the details:

From highest to lowest, here are the nine stations offering gas for under $4 per-gallon. Plus keep scrolling to see the everyday items that are still more expensive per-gallon than fuel (I'm looking at you, laundry detergent).

Nine Gas Stations Under $4/Gallon in Kingston, NY

It's still possible to find cheap(er) gas! Check out nine of the most affordable stations below according to GasBuddy.

Gallons Of Items That Cost More Than Gasoline

Gas prices continue to rise across the country but it compared to other items we love, the cost of a gallon of gas isn't that bad.