Filling up your car with gasoline is more stressful than ever before.

We all understand why we're paying more at the pump these days but that doesn't make it easier. Many New Yorkers are already struggling financially and the last thing they can afford is inflated gas prices. Here are some of the cheapest places to fill up in Poughkeepsie, New York.

The price of gas is climbing in everywhere but especially in New York. Are you looking to save money at the pump? Keep scrolling for the list of places that are offering the cheapest prices on gasoline in Poughkeepsie as of today.

Many speculated that the cost of gasoline would go up in 2022 and it seems to be happening.

According to NYSERDA, the average cost for a gallon of regular gasoline in Upstate New York was $3.52 back in December compared to last year which $2.22. Now it has gone up. The average cost is now $4.16. However, the price seems to be higher than that in some places throughout the Hudson Valley region of New York.

Retail Sales Rise For May, Fueled By High Gas Prices
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Everyone is always looking to save some money especially with Christmas quickly approaching. If you're driving in the Poughkeepsie area this list might help you out.

The following lists gas stations that have the lowest prices for a gallon of regular gasoline in Poughkeepsie, New York as of March 11, 2022 per These prices are reported by customers.

Do you know of any cheaper gas stations in the Poughkeepsie area? If so, feel free to let us know and we will update the list.

These are the 6 most inexpensive place to purchase gasoline in Poughkeepsie at the moment followed by Newburgh.

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