Have you seen the 2018 box office smash "A Quiet Place" ?

If you haven't here's a little break down of the plot. The movie follows the life of a family who is living in a world where if you make a sound, monsters come out of nowhere and basically kill you.

It's terrifying and the movie is so silent that it's actually nerve wracking.

Another fun side note, it was filmed all over the Hudson Valley.

Even though the film is completely silent there are tiny sounds throughout that bring life to the movie and obviously catch your attention.

If you were ever wondering how movie sounds are made, it's not quite how you think. For instance the monster walking in the film? Cracking crab legs. The ears of the monster opening up? Celery.

Mind blowing.

Take a look at Movie Insider taking a deep look inside the sounds from "A Quiet Place"  below: