The Hudson Valley is filled with hidden gems. We hear stories all the time of residents coming across abandoned buildings that once played a part in the Hudson Valley's rich history.

While discussing the secret bowling alley in the White House, we received a message from Former Roosevelt Fire Captian Kurt Burns. He informed us that there is a "secret" bowling ally in the Old Staatsburg Firehouse (now Roosevelt Engine Co 5).

Burns said that when speaking with elder members of the fire department he learned the alley was put in back in the 1950s and games were played until the late 80s, early 90s. They believe the lanes were put in so the firefighters could form their own league.

It hasn't been used since the 90s and a few years ago Burns and other firefighters started to clean it up in their spare time.

Since then Burn's has reached out to a photographer who travels across the US taking photos of old bowling allies. The photographer told Burns he's particularly interested in the pinsetter, as it is a very early model of an electric pinsetter.

Burns also told us he believes this is the only bowling alley to exist inside a firehouse in New York State. Sounds like the Hudson Valley is home to a little bit of firehouse-bowling alley history.

Take a peek inside the abandoned firehouse bowling alley below.


Take a Look Inside the Abandoned Bowling Ally in the Staatsburg Firehouse

The Old Staastburg Firehouse (now Roosevelt Engine Co 5.) houses an abandoned bowling ally. Local Hudson Valley firefighters tell us that they believe the bowling ally was created back in the 50s and was used until the early 90s.