I'm telling you, you're going to eat up what Cheesy Snacks has to offer because they are bringing you some tasty tunes with their latest single "Solid State." Hailing from the Capital Region, led by Sam Walczyk, Cheesy Snacks consists of Walczyk, Tori Christie, Joe Taurone, Nick Santos and Dan Carr.

"Solid State"

Releasing today, "Solid State" from Cheesy Snacks is the first single off of their next album, Doodles and Deep Fried Bangers. The entire album was recorded in Walczyk's home, from his basement to his bedroom. When I asked him about his biggest musical inspirations, Walczyk' said that recently, they include Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Thee Oh Sees, and a lot of Japanese City Pop Artists like Mayayoshi Takanaka.

"My first album is inspired by a lot of singer songwriter and garage rock artists that I listened to in college. Since then I’ve been finding myself trying to write in different styles and genres just to see if I can… and honestly it’s been a ton of fun."

"Solid State" was truly Walczyk's creation for he played guitar, synth, lead vocals, and drums for this track. He said the background vocals were heavily inspired by the song "Mr. Sandman" and were performed by Tori Christie.

"I recorded the original theme of the song back in August of 2021 while working at a musical and I eventually transferred it to guitar and then just started building the song from there. My favorite thing to write and record was the bass line! It really made the song for me and everything came together quickly after that."

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Staying Hungry

Walczyk is a very busy musician, not just lending his talents to Cheesy Snacks, but to a many other New York bands. He plays synth in the band Lemon of Choice and drums in FF Leg Swoop. Walczyk also plays bass in the bands L I L Y, El Modernist, Space Mountain Sickness, toriendofstory, Dan Carr and the Cure for Asthma, and will occasionally fill in for Stella and the Reptilians & Canella. Working with all these bands have increased his chops and has exposed him to many styles of music.

A Trip of a Lifetime

When I asked Walczyk about upcoming gigs, he gave me an unexpected answer. He said he loves playing the bar, event, and house venue scene and will be back to it soon, but this summer, he is going on a cross country bike trip with a life-long friend Sean Dory.

"We will be starting in Portland, OR heading back over to Portland, ME. This single is a final little hurrah and something to keep my musical persona going before I get ready to release my second full length album this fall.

The trio will take us across the northern part of the country and I’m really excited to get out in nature for this summer! I’ve been starting to experience some serious burnout so I’m ready to take a quick breath and recharge my creativity! This song is very much tied to the feeling of getting overwhelmed and just taking a step back so I felt it would be a great little release before my trip."

"Solid State" is out now! Don't forget to check out and download Cheesy Snacks' music on Bandcamp and follow the band on Instagram!

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