If you're looking for a social media and public relations expert to represent your brand, why not someone who is intimately familiar with your product? Or, better yet, why not actually have your product represent you on the interwebs?

That's what a creative, if somewhat ironically cruel company in Australia is doing. They're a chicken-specializing fast food restaurant and they're having a chicken do all of their tweeting for them. It sounds like a cool, fun novelty idea until you remember that they're probably slaughtering all of that chicken's family members as he pecks away at a keyboard.

Apparently they will continue this until the chicken somehow forms a full five-letter word from his random pecking. At which point, one can assume, he will be rewarded for his hard work by becoming fried chicken tenders. Slave your life away for a company and they put you right into the meat grinder. Don't take it too hard. We've all been there, my man.


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