Just like homeownership is costly, and being a parent certainly comes with a hefty price tag, have you ever calculated how much we spend on our adorable four-legged friends?

I'll be the first person to classify myself as an official crazy cat lady. My two cats have it better than I do when it comes to being spoiled and pampered, recently adding their own designer cat couch to the living room, and bins full of more toys than they know what to do with.


With that in mind, here's a way for your pet to bring in some income for the family bank account - by becoming a toy tester!

PetSmart On The Hunt For 'Chief Toy Testers'

PetSmart has put out a call for their first ever brand testers, searching for 'one dog and one cat to fulfill the very important role of Chief Toy Tester.' Not only will they have the chance to get their paws on all sorts of toys and treats, they'll get compensated $10,000 each!

Little FiFi or Fido would get special toy and treat deliveries so they check out the newest products on the market, they'll also become pet celebrities as well by participating in product unboxing and appearing at PetSmart events as a VIP (very important pet). They'd also receive quarterly salon treatments.

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So What Does Your Fur-Baby Need To Apply?

As part of their press release, PetSmart shared that the requirements for this exciting new role are vast experience in play, a knack for toy testing and an advanced palate for sampling an array of culinary treats.'

In addition, their pet parent will need to be able to capture them at their best for video footage and social media content with the pet products.  Essentially, you as the owner would turn into your pet's personal assistant and social media manager, but seriously, human pet parents have to commit to a one-year partnership contract if their pet is selected to be a Chief Toy Tester.


Applications are due by 11:59pm on February 17th via online submission here.  Pet parents need to fill out the application and also submit a 10-30 second video that showcases their pet's personality, along with a still photo, and a written review of your furry friend's favorite toy.

What do you think, does your cat or dog have what it takes to represent the Hudson Valley as a Chief Toy Tester?

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