For the very first time, the Do Portugal Circus has come to Middletown, NY. The thrilling circus, with something for the whole family, is now performing at the Galleria at Crystal Run.

There's no shortage of entertainment options in the Hudson Valley, but with the rain insisting on falling every weekend this season, many families looking to stay dry are keeping their activities indoors. Luckily, the circus tent is the perfect place to hide from the wet and have an unforgettable family experience. Here's what you can expect.

Do Portugal Circus in Middletown, NY

Not only is the circus for families, but it was founded by a family as well. The Portugal family has been performing for over 100 years, beginning in circuses in Mexico before expanding to touring central America and later the United States. For the first time, the big top will be in Middletown, NY.

What to Expect at Do Portugal Circus

Families can expect acrobats, clowns, magic, and the thrilling Globe of Death (below). Not only does the circus have a kid-friendly hour and forty-five minute runtime, but an intermission also allows families to use the bathroom, fill up on concessions, and shop for fun souvenirs.

Do Portugal Circus Dates at the Galleria at Crystal Run

The Do Portugal Circus runs through Sunday, November 5th at the Galleria at Crystal Run in Middletown, NY. Tickets are available online here, or at the box office in the Galleria parking lot. And speaking of family fun, check out how you can stay in Shrek's house (yes, that Shrek) below.

This article was written in partnership with Do Portugal Circus

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