I've shared a few Food Theory videos before, but I really enjoyed this one. It's about how coffee houses helped lead to the Scientific Revolution. It's quite fascinating, and I recommend viewing it.

One major component about coffee houses were that they were great meeting places for intellectuals to come together and discuss ideas, whether it was science, politics, literature, art and more. Today, coffee houses are still a great place to get work done. You're stimulated by your coffee or tea, it's typically a chill atmosphere, they offer free and reliable Wi-Fi, and it beats being alone while working. To me, there is something peaceful about being surrounded by people, but not being inclined the interact with any of them. We are all there doing what we have to do. We are working alone together.

One of the best towns in the Hudson Valley for coffee shops has to be Beacon. Below, we listed the Top 10 Coffee Shops According to Yelp reviews. Is your favorite coffee house on the list? Let us know your thoughts on the App!

Bank Square Coffeehouse

4 Stars, 266 Reviews

129 Main StBeacon, NY 12508

(845) 440-7165

2 Alices Coffee Lounge


4.5 Stars, 91 Reviews

117 Broadway Newburgh, NY 12550

(845) 563-7124

Beacon Creamery


4 Stars, 91 Reviews

134 Main St Beacon, NY 12508

(845) 765-0444

Newburgh Flour Shop


4.5 Stars, 76 Reviews

109 Liberty St Newburgh, NY 12550

Phone number

(845) 568-3400

Kitchen & Coffee


4 Stars, 59 Reviews

382 Main St Beacon, NY 12508

(845) 765-0778

Trax Coffee Roasters


4 Stars, 50 Reviews

1 E Main St Beacon, NY 12508, (845) 765-8400

469 Fishkill Ave Beacon, NY 12508, (845) 440-6785

Matcha Thomas


5 Stars, 22 Reviews

259 Main St Beacon, NY 12508

Phone number

(845) 467-5677



5 Stars, 12 Reviews

45 Liberty St Newburgh, NY 12550

(845) 595-8484

The Mud Club Beacon

3.5 Stars, 3 Reviews

305 Main St Beacon, NY 12508

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