Did you hear about this? I first heard about it from the New York Post, and then saw a couple of the late-night talk show hosts mentioning it. Apparently, New York State Governor Kathy Hochul has added a proposal to the 'New York Housing Compact' that has many up in arms.

The 'New York Housing Compact' was detailed during the Governor's State of The State speech on Tuesday, January 10th. Among the items mentioned, one initiative raise some eyebrows. The New York Post reports that Governor Hochul is proposing a ban on new gas stoves in favor of all-electric stoves, among other proposals.

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Jimmy Fallon
Fox News Digital

Even late-night talk show hosts weighed in on the proposal, which is not just for gas stoves, but hot water heaters and oil furnaces as well by the end of the decade for new home and commercial construction.

Now my question is, does that include RVs as well? Every RV, travel trailer, 5th wheel, etc., that I know of, has a gas stove. And what about outdoor gas grills? While none of this has been mentioned, it certainly is worth asking the question.

Stephen Colbert
Fox News Digital

For those who cook professionally like restauranteurs, the proposal has been met with loud disapproval and how it could damage the restaurant industry. There is a whole different outcome between cooking with gas and cooking with electricity.

Jimmy Fallon and Steven Colbert made fun of the proposal recently on their late-night talk shows. Check out the humourous commentary below from the Fox News Digital video of Jimmy Fallon, host of NBC's The Tonight Show, and Stephen Colbert, host of the CBS Late Show.


[via New York Post]

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