I feel really lucky to have not one, but 2 really awesome jobs.  In addition to working at WRRV, I also work with local college students majoring/interested in the field of radio/television/journalism.  Having majored in radio/television, and then starting at WRRV 'back in the day' as an intern, and then working my way to my current position, it's a really cool opportunity for me to help these students get a taste of what the field is like.

As usual, I digress.

This is the week leading into Spring Break for my students, and i've been hearing a lot about where they are headed for their 9 days off; who rented a beach house with friends in Miami Beach, others going to Punta Cana, and a small group headed for Vegas (super jealous of that one).  This got me to thinking, did I do it ALL WRONG when I was in college?

Most years, I went home and worked my part time job to save up for books and whatnot (shoutout to Hopewell Bagels for always letting me come home and work).  Sometimes I spent time with friends that were on break at the same time as me, and in my senior year a group of us road-tripped to Myrtle Beach for Spring Break, that was the extent of my break travels.

So for this #TBT, do you even remember college break trips (or are your memories a little foggy - for whatever reason)?  Did you ever go on any big trips?