Governor Cuomo has announced some new regulations on colleges regarding the spread of coronavirus just days into the fall semester.

Ever since the coronavirus pandemic erupted in the Hudson Valley and schools began to shut down many students and residents alike were wondering when schools and colleges would open again or if they even should open.

Many public schools have adapted and decided to continue with strictly distance learning. Other schools have developed a hybrid schedule of both online and in-person classes and several colleges have decided to do the same. Despite strict state mandated guidelines from the schools students are still contracting COVID-19.

In a recent statement from Governor Cuomo, a threshold number was set of 100 students or if 5% or more of the colleges population is infected the school must return to remote learning for at least two weeks. Athletic and extra curricular activities will also be suspended along with dine-in options on the campus.

These new regulations are put in place in an effort to slow the spread of COVID-19 at New York colleges.