Here's some great news for comedy fans. The very funny, very raunchy comedian Bill Burr is coming to the Hudson Valley this weekend. He'll be playing at the The Capitol Theatre in Port Chester on Saturday, July 1st. 

If you don't know Bill Burr's stand-up, you may have seen him in a variety of movies or TV shows. He had a recurring role on Breaking Bad as Kuby, one of Saul Goodman's guys. He's also appeared in stuff like New Girl and Kroll Show. These days, he's the creator and lead actor of the Netflix animated sitcom F is for Family, which is based on his own stand-up.

I've seen a few of his stand-up specials and they are really, really funny. Many of them are available on Netflix if you're looking to check him out. This should be a great night out, but be warned: don't bring the kids. If there's one thing I can say for sure, it's that it will be vulgar. You can buy tickets for the show right here.