For my money, John Mulaney is, hands-down, the funniest comedian working today. He's got three stand-up specials (two of which are available on Netflix), and I've heard and watched them all probably dozens of times. He's currently part of the cast of the Netflix original series Big Mouth, which is hilarious. And I saw him perform on Broadway last year with Nick Kroll for their two-man show Oh, Hello!, and it may have been the hardest I've laughed in my entire life.

So it should be very exciting to a lot of people that John Mulaney is touring with a new set called "Kid Gorgeous," and he's bringing the set to Radio City Music Hall in New York City next week. Even better, he's performing for four straight nights in a row. Starting on Friday, Feb. 16 and ending on Monday, Feb. 19, Mulaney will be doing two shows every night. And there are still a couple of tickets available here and there if you want to take a look at Ticketmaster.

This is almost guaranteed to be a great show, so if you can, I'd definitely recommend it. And if you don't go, well sir, I'd say you have the moral backbone of a chocolate eclair.

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