If you're anything like me, you enjoy watching the New Year's Eve celebrations in Times Square from the comfort of your own home, but have no great desire to stand in NYC, in the cold, with a billion strangers to ring in the new year.

If you do want to be part of the celebration this year, without the whole traveling to the city thing, consider a contribution to the NYE Wishing Wall.

According to the official Times Square website, you can have a wish added to the 2000+ pounds of confetti that will fly this December 31st, and here's the scoop:

Whether it's a personal goal, a dream for the future or doing something for the very first time, these wishes are added to over a ton of confetti that floats down at midnight onto the revelers gathered in Times Square in celebration of the new year.

Be a part of this most magical night by making your wish in person through our mobile Wishing Wall on the plazas or by sharing your New Year's wish with us here or on Twitter and Instagram using #ConfettiWish. We will add it to the thousands of others released above Times Square at midnight on New Year's Eve for all the world to see!

What a cool opportunity to join forces with people from around the globe, and kick off a new decade in a fun and motivational way.

Submissions are being accepted now through December 28th, and take note that anything received after December 28th will be printed for the New Year's Eve celebration on December 31st of the following year.