The answer is everything. You literally can accomplish anything if you get together with someone over a cup of coffee. This non alcoholic beverage is a gift for people who want to actually engage in meaningful conversation. However, some of us, myself included prefer to have a beer and talk. But sometimes a cup of coffee sets the right tone for your intentions.

It means you want to be awake and alert so you can fully engage with the person you are meeting with. The conversations may not always be pleasant but at least it's always civil. It's difficult to be civil while drinking. I myself once regurgitated on a woman's shoes, that never happens after drinking too much coffee.

One coffee house in particular put this idea in my head when I saw a flyer hanging up on their bulletin board. I stopped in for lunch, their salads are delicious fyi.

Every Sunday at 11am The Krafted Kup in Poughkeepsie holds the event Conversations Over Coffee. It's a brilliant concept and really sparked something inside me to share this with the rest of The Hudson Valley.

You can find more information about this concept through their facebook group.