The Hudson Valley has seen new McDonald's restaurants pop up like crazy in the last couple of years. In 2021, there were 603 McDonald's locations in New York. Now, as we are at the end of 2023, there are now 655 McDonald's locations scattered around New York. That means we have gotten 52 new McDonald's restaurants in just 2 years. The McDonald's empire does not stop there. McDonald's plans to serve a new spinoff chain, and it's only a matter of time until it hits the Hudson Valley.

McDonald's Looks to Challenge Starbucks and Dunkin'

Just when you thought McDonald's couldn't get any bigger, they recently announced the addition of CosMc's. CosMc's is meant to focus on coffee and other drinks as to challenge Starbucks and Dunkin'. McDonald's hopes that the new CosMc's could help boost afternoon sales.

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McDonald's CEO Chris Kempczinkski said CosMc's concept is "what would happen if a McDonald's character from the 1980s that was part alien, part surfer, part robot" opened a restaurant in 2023. The rationale for the restaurant stems from the growing demand of an "afternoon beverage pick-me-up occasion," a $100 billion market where McDonald's currently isn't a presence. The new chain will allow the company to create customized beverages that are difficult for McDonald's restaurants to create. McDonald's said CosMc's will offer customizations including popping boba, flavor syrups and energy and Vitamin C shots.

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Some of the coffee drinks that will be offered include:

  • Churro Frappe
  • S'mores Cold Brew
  • Tumeric-Spiced Latte
  • Sour Cherry Energy Burst
  • Blackberry Mint Green Tea
  • Popping Pear Slush

As for food, their menu will include more smaller, bite-sized creations like:

  • Creamy Avocado Tomatillo Sandwich
  • Spicy Queso Sandwich
  • McPops (which look like cream-filled Munchkins)
  • Pretzel Bites
  • Caramel Fudge Brownies

Some McDonald's food options that will also be available will be:

  • Savory Hash Browns
  • Ice Cream Sundaes with the Inclusion of a Twist Cone and Caramel Fudge Brownie Sundae
  • Cookies
  • Egg McMuffin Sandwiches
  • McFlurries

Early Feelings About McDonald's CosMc's

The opening of the first restaurant last Thursday drew in crowds of people. Long wait lines ensued, leaving some customers waiting three hours just for a simple frappe. When CBS broke the news about the new CosMc's restaurant, people had immediate thoughts.

I think it will do well. My only concern is about the soft-serve ice cream. Anyone who has ever gone to McDonald's and wanted an ice cream knows the machine is always broken 😉 - @jackiedecoma4637

Some people thought the idea was a bit redundant, like this comment here:

They could have done this a long time ago with their McCafe brand. Offer everything that Mc Cafe has to offer along with breakfast sandwiches, deserts including classic apple pie and soft serve ice cream (as long as machine doesn’t break all the time). They can eliminate the rest of the Mc Donald’s menu. This new CosMc’s brand doesn’t look like it will stay the long term, just too funky looking and seems to target the young adult female market. It’s just to create buzz on social media and regular media. Unlike Starbucks, Mc Cafe shops would have all the automated machines and processes that a normal McDonalds would have to make the McCafe menu items. - @Murican808

There was a common theme among people thinking that McDonald's is prioritizing quantity over quality.

They should concentrate on making McDonalds food edible again and get their service back to an acceptable level before they try anything else. - @kryptoncowboy

Where Can One Find CosMc's?

Right now, the first location of CosMc's opened in Illinois in a suburb right outside of Chicago. McDonald's also is adding 10 additional locations in Texas in 2024. It is not yet clear when CosMc's will expand beyond Illinois and Texas locations. McDonald's said they will study the results for at least a year before determining more locations. So, if CosMc's proves to do well, the Hudson Valley might see a CosMc's location as early as 2025. In the meantime, keep enjoying McCafe at your local McDonald's.

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