Correction: This article originally stated the Supreme Court of Dutchess County blocked the Village of Wappingers Falls from dissolving the police department. In fact, the court has been petitioned to block the dissolution but a ruling has not been issued.

A suit filed with the Supreme Court of Dutchess County seeks to prevent attempts to dissolve the Village of Wappingers Falls Police Department.

Back in August, the Village Board of Trustees voted to disband the largely part-time police force in favor of additional coverage by Dutchess County Sheriff's and what would be come several full time officers. The proposition was adopted on Sept. 27 and is now being challenged in court.

The suit states that that the proposition adopted by the board to be null and void and is misleading and inconstant with laws currently on the books. The suit asks the court to instruct the Village Clerk to ensure that the issue is included as a question on the ballot in the upcoming elections on Nov. 7. So, it's still possible that the Village Of Wappingers Falls Police Department will be dissolved, but it could be up to local residents to decide.

What's your take on this: Should the Village Board be allowed to make these kinds of decisions or should this be on the ballot for residents to decide?