Looks like the long holiday weekend is going to bring with it some winter weather that has already had an impact on some scheduled local events and festivities.

With the current forecast of a few inches of snow Sunday during the day, and the potential for even more on Sunday evening, the Village of Wappingers Falls has cancelled their Village Parade and Tree Lighting.  Though the event itself has been called off, and with no plans to reschedule, the tree lights will be turned on for viewing at 6pm.

You can check out the Village of Wappingers Falls Recreation official facebook page for more information about other upcoming community events and activities.

I know snow in the forecast usually doesn't get too many people excited, especially when it cancels events, oh, and because of the whole shoveling part, but we may be able to help this year.  Remember, together with Wappingers Auto Tech and Power Supply, WRRV is is giving you the chance to win a snowblower by predicting the first big snowfall - could this snow be your ticket to that new snowblower?

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