As obvious as this one seems I still didn't even see it coming.

A few years from now will things look really weird when you turn on the Hallmark Channel to watch those Christmas movies? If the movie said it was filmed in 2020 will it have an asterisk next to it so people will understand the lack of some Christmas traditions?

2020 is not a good time to be a holiday.

Remember back in April when we all thought things would be back to normal in just a few weeks? As we round close to a full year dealing with this pandemic we continue to come across all new issues that we never thought we would encounter.

Christmas time has proved no different than any other holiday this past year. Things will not be the same.

Many of us associate December as a for togetherness. How do we celebrate all month long when we can't actually be together?

We might not be able to take our children to sit on Santa's lap, go caroling with a group of friends or even worship by the masses on Christmas Eve this year. Another long holiday tradition that may have to be put on hold is kissing under the mistletoe.

For obvious reasons there will most likely be far less mistletoe throughout the country.

According to Yahoo, one of the largest mistletoe auctioneers expects to see 75% less sales in mistletoe this year.

Don't be surprised if you don't see a mistletoe hanging up at your office Christmas party this year. I would honestly be more surprised if you actually had an office Christmas party.

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