I think it is safe to say that the New York State Police did not find this situation aMOOOsing.

What is the strangest thing you have seen during your commute to and from work? The aver commute in New York State is just over 30 minutes. If you travel any road or highway long enough you are bound to see some odd occurrences.

Dutchess County has its share of farms and the livestock occasionally gets away. Remember a couple of years ago when a miniature horse was found galloping on State Rte 55 near Arlington High School?

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Imagine seeing this guy horsing around in the street.


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At least the horse thankfully stayed on the side of the road where it was safe. That wasn't the case during an incident that reportedly occurred this morning. Commuters were told to steer clear from a busy New York highway today.

The video shows a small cow running down the Taconic as it is holding up traffic and being chased by several troopers. It looks like motorists did their best to try to slow the animal down but the chase eventually went off-road.

What was the strangest thing you have ever seen during your commute?

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