Are you the only person in your family that is single and you get or take a lot of crap because of it? Are you dreading Valentine's Day?

Here are a few ways that you could get your friends and your family off your back for at least today. Just keep in mind, that while these people might be easily distracted, they will eventually be looking to meet this actual person one day. At that point you are going to have to come clean that this was all just a ruse to get them off your back.

Here are just a few things you can do (or try to do). Pre-planning could really help you out here.

  • Put a text messaging app on your phone that allows you to send texts to yourself from the alleged boy or girlfriend. Then you can show them to your family. There is even a few apps that will leave voice mails (looks like you might have to pay extra for this option).
  • Get someone else to fill out a card for you and then mail it to yourself. This is probably one of the lesser expensive options. A few dollars for the card and then a stamp. Getting the person to fill the card out, well, make sure that they can be discreet.
  • Send flowers to yourself AND act super surprised when you get them. Not over the top surprised but coy surprised. Local flower shops are the best places to help you with this. They can even help you create the perfect note to go with the cards. Guys, don't be afraid to send flowers to yourself and if that makes you uncomfortable how about a beef jerky arrangement also known as a 'Bro-quet'?
  • Need something quicker and not afraid to spend a few bucks, there are websites, like this one

Will the cost of creating a Valentine be worth it to get the family (or friends) to back off? Only you can say. Just remember, if you go through with this, there is probably going to be a day that you are going to have to come clean about creating this person. Will it be worth it?