The Times Union is reporting that Governor Cuomo spoke about new details regarding the tragic Limo crash in Schoharie that left twenty people dead over the weekend. As the entire area continues to try to make sense of the tragedy, the Governor said that the driver did not have the proper license to operate the vehicle and the vehicle itself had failed inspection.

We still have very few details about the nature of the crash and the investigation is ongoing, but these new details do suggest a possible violation of state law that investigators are no-doubt taking very seriously.

To operate a limo in New York you need a Class E license. According to, this is the same license required for all for-hire drivers, including taxis, limos and chauffeurs. Based on Gov. Cuomo's remarks it is unclear if the driver had no valid license at all or failed to have the required Class E license.

Most New Yorkers are familiar with the required inspections. What we don't know is why this particular vehicle failed its inspection. There are many reasons a car can fail the state inspection and be considered unfit for the road. We can only speculate for now, but perhaps the information about the inspection will provide us with more information when it comes out.