Do Americans have valid reasons to be skeptical of a vaccine to the coronavirus? Governor Cuomo does not seem to have much faith in the FDA regarding a vaccine for COVID-19.

There isn't a person out there doesn't want things to return to normal if you can even remember what that was like. If you could wave a magic wand and eradicate the COVID-19 of course you. Unfortunately, it's just not that simple but the possibility of a COVID vaccine is very much a reality and we could see it very soon. According to National Geographic, over 100 different companies currently have a vaccine for COVID-19 in development.

The U.S. Government initiated Operation War Speed which calls for 300 million doses of safe vaccines by early 2021.

Since the early days of the pandemic many people immediately started to wonder when we might see a vaccine. Ideas of a vaccine were originally met with a lot of optimism but as we see that we could be seeing one in a matter of months that optimism is turning into skepticism for some. One of which appears to be Andrew Cuomo.

According tp Yahoo News, in an interview on Good Morning America, Cuomo expresses his lack of trust in a speedy vaccine that's a product of the current administration. Are there causes for concern? Vaccines can take years to develop before they are marketed and available to the public.

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