CVS Pharmacies will now be offering a cheaper alternative to the Mylan EpiPen after the company raised the price to more than $600 last year. According to, the generic version called Adrenackick contains the same active medicine as EpiPen but costs only $109.99.

Some allergic reactions to insect bites and stings along with reactions to food, drugs or other allergens require the use of the epinephrine as a means to slow the reaction. It's not a cure, medical attention is still required in many cases, but the use of this drug has saved many lives.

A common misconception is that you inject the medicine into the butt, but that's not the case all. Instead, go with the thigh if you ever see anyone struggling.

It's always good to call ahead to make sure the store has the product you're looking for. To find a Hudson Valley CVS near you, head on over to their handy store locator.