Cyber Monday generally means that you will get a chance to purchase items online that are pretty low cost. Did you ever think that this would also extend to items that you could not exactly wrap and put under the Christmas tree?

Allegiant Airlines has announced that they too, will be participating in Cyber Monday with up to 40% off select routes. Still nervous about flying the discount carrier? A friend of mine has now flown Allegiant 6 times (3 round trips) from her home airport of Punta Gorda, Florida. Twice she has come up to Stewart Newburgh, another she flew to Bellville, IL, which is also a non-stop/direct flight from PGD. Here is what she had to say about the carrier. She thinks that the seats are the smallest and closest together than she has ever flown before on a plane. She has to pay (her choice) to get a specific seat and she has to pay for baggage, which she told me is a limit of 40lbs where other airlines have a 50lb max.

Why has she continued to fly Allegiant? The aiport is closer to her house and to the destinations that she is going and the flights are non-stop, no connections. All that being said with the above listed issues, she sights convenience and short flights as the reason she will continue to use them when she can.

Want to look at the Cyber Monday deals that Allegiant has? Here is the link to check them out. Keep in mind that these discounts are only good for Monday, November 26, 2018.

Happy travels.

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