Danny Efman is bringing the music from Tim Burton's animated classic to The Barclays Center in December. Is it an early Christmas gift or a late treat from Halloween?

What's this? What's this? Danny Elfman is one of those musicians that just stick out. Whether it's his tunes from his 80's new wave band, Oingo Boingo or his scored from some of your favorite movies. Elfman has provided musical scores for such great films like Batman, Batman Returns, Darkman, Spiderman, Sleepy Hollow, Pee Wee's Big Adventure and so many more. Of course who could forget the clay-mation Christmas and Halloween classic, A Nightmare Before Christmas.

Getty Images/Stuart Wilson
Getty Images/Stuart Wilson

You can witness the songs of Jack Skellington's adventure live at The Barclays Center in Brooklyn for two days in December. The performance will be on December 6 and 7 at the arena.

You'll be able to watch Tim Burton's cartoon to the live music just in time for Christmas.