To paraphrase the great Roger Murtaugh, Airbnb is finally getting too old for this stuff.

Actor Danny Glover, known for his role in the Lethal Weapon films ("It's just been revoked!"), plus Predator 2The Royal Tenenbaums, and Angels in the Outfield, headed to Albany today to pitch a bill that would allow Airbnb to operate legally in New York City.

Glover has apparently been a paid consultant to Airbnb for a few months, working as an advisor to help engage communities of color. Glover is joining several other Airbnb backers to push a bill that would allow short-term rentals through the site.

It seems like a relatively complex issue regarding how Airbnb operates in the city (for what it's worth, I stayed at one in Brooklyn once, and it was fine), but I'm more just fascinated about how they hired Danny Glover. Like, how did that even come up? Who pitched that idea? Was an Airbnb executive watching 2012 and suddenly everything just clicked in his head?

So next time you use Airbnb, you can rest easy knowing it's Murtaugh-approved. He was always the more level-headed one, anyway.

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