In the moments after of a powerful thunderstorm that swept through Albany, around 6pm on 6/20/24 emergency responders are facing a critical situation at Blake's Equipment, located at 12 Thatcher St. A four-story commercial building has partially collapsed with the fourth floor of the building crashing down

Thousand of Residents are also without power at this time

A call at 6:02 pm From Albany Fire 3 requested additional units and The City Engineer

The collapse, suspected to have been exacerbated by heavy rains and winds, has prompted the City of Albany Police and Fire departments to block off the area as a collapse zone. On Site Reports indicate that a vehicle with occupants was heavily damaged by falling bricks during the incident, underscoring the severity of the situation. Beyond Blake's Equipment, the storm wreaked havoc across the city, downing trees and power lines.

In addition to the Thatcher St damage, a residential building also faced structural loss at 930 Broadway, prompting an evacuation of residents

GoggleMaps 930 Broadway
GoggleMaps 930 Broadway

Currently, details about the exact cause of the collapse at Blake's Equipment and the number of individuals affected remain unclear .Operations are ongoing as emergency teams work diligently to assess the situation and ensure the safety of everyone in the vicinity