After a temporary closure, Darkside Records has reopened its doors to customers.

Businesses have been closing and reopening during the pandemic as staff members test positive for COVID-19. Restaurants, retail, and service shops have all had their staff affected by the pandemic. Darkside Records recently announced an employee tested positive for COVID-19 and decided to temporarily close.

But now, Darkside Records has announced they are officially reopened. In an email to customers, and a message on Facebook and Instagram, Darkside Records stated their staff has had enough negative tests where they feel they are able to safely reopen to customers.

Darkside Records stated they had the entire store cleaned and sanitized with electrostatic fog and an additional thorough cleaning that already happened regularly. In their announcement, they reiterated that masks are required at all times while in-store. Gloves are also available for customers at the counter. A hand sanitizing station is also available at the front entrance.

In their email to customers, Darkside Records said:

The past few days have been the most stressful of the entire year, in a year that just keeps trying to out do itself- but we are happy to announce that we are back open for in-store shopping! We personally welcome you back to once again shop in-store during our regular business hours

Darkside Records is now offering extended holiday hours, as well as priority shipping, and order holds. You can also order items online and pickup in-store. You can even place an order on the phone. Darkside Records is closed on Christmas Day.

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