One bite. Everyone knows the rules. How did this local restaurant hold up in the latest review?

If you're the owner of pizza place in New York City you should be prepared for anything that comes your way. That includes having your pizza reviewed randomly by Barstool Sports.

I've been saying that Portnoy needs to come try Hudson Valley pizza for months now and it looks like he may have finally got the message.

Dave Portnoy, Chief of Content of the popular brand has been in the Hudson Valley and he's wasted not time trying out our food. He even tried a local orchard's apples. He seems to be having a great time.

He gave the "One Bite Review" to Pizzeria Posto in Rhinebeck, New York. He complimented the town.

How did he like the pizza? He gave it a score of 8.2!

It turns out he hit up another restaurant while he was in town. Portnoy hit up Village Pizza & Restaurant.

It's fantastic when a local business gets a shout out at such a huge level. There's no doubt that the attention will attract some new customers. Portnoy is now able to make or break pizza restaurants with the popular video series.

How did Village Pizza hold up to the viral review? Here's what he thought.

Will you try these pizza slices the next time your in Rhinebeck? What pizza place in the Hudson Valley should Portnoy try next?

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