I don't want to speak for everyone in the Hudson Valley, but I am so glad we're getting the beautiful spring weather we deserve.

With the weather being so nice, many of us are getting out and taking in scenic walks and hikes. I know personally, I've already made stops at Mount Beacon and Franny Reese State Park. If you happen to be out enjoying nature and come across young wildlife the Department of Environmental Conservation is urging New Yorkers to let them be.


In a press release the DEC Commissioner Basil Seggos encourages New Yorkers to get out and visit parks across the state. However when it comes to newborn or young fawns other young wildlife he suggests to keep a safe distance saying, ""New York is home to a diverse and wonderful array of wildlife, but as much as we are compelled to reach out to these young animals, we need to be aware that our interactions could be detrimental to their well-being."

It's common to see young animals like fawn, deer and birds by themselves. While you may feel that they are being abandoned, they aren't. In fact receiving no care from an adult is how they teach their young about survival. If you're out and about this weekend taking in the sights of the Hudson Valley and come across a young animal, know that human interaction can interrupt their natural survival growth.