We're always getting interesting messages to the WRRV text line. We thought we'd peel back the curtain a little bit and give you a look at some of the deep thoughts you guys share with us. The text we received is in bold and our thoughts follow. For now, our texters will remain anonymous.

  • I'm all about cloning monkeys let's go. We're not even sure what this was in response to but it made the cut because if you're cloning monkeys, we want in.
  • Black licorice is delish! Do you guys like violet (the purple squares)? Brown Necco wafers are gross. First of all, we can't get down with black licorice. But we're with you on the brown Necco wafers.
  • 'Guess I can't grow weed anymore .... ??thx drones!' Well sure, that and it's still illegal. The WRRV Morning Grind was talking about State Police using drones to aid in law enforcement.
  • 'This is the worst song ever written'. A text we received during the WRRV 90's At Noon during a Crash Test Dummies song. We disagree, Afternoon Delight by the Starland Vocal Band is the worst song ever written.
  • 'Boneless wings are glorified chicken nuggets and they’re bull@#%$'. We're going to go ahead and agree with you there. Ripping the meat off the chicken bone is part of the fun.

If you'd like to send any of the WRRV DJ's a message in the studio you too can send a text message to (845) 451-9778 that's 451-WRRV.

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