An extensive investigation from the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYS DEC) has unraveled a wild tale of "drinking, driving, and hunting" in upstate New York.

Two residents of Onondaga County, NY have been charged with nearly 20 separate violations stemming from a January 25th incident after police pulled a truck over in Lafayette, NY. The resulting arrest for drunk driving turned out to be just the tip of the iceberg.

Drunk Driving Arrest Leads to Poaching Investigation in Lafayette, NY

"After a weeks-long investigation, [Environmental Conservation Officers] charged two subjects in Onondaga County with more than a dozen violations related to a hunting incident and drunk driving arrest in January", began the report from the NYS DEC. The investigation began after police officers noticed a "dead deer stashed in [the] trunk" of the SUV the suspects were driving (below).

A dead deer and loaded firearms were found during a traffic stop that led to a drunk driving arrest in Onondaga County (NYS DEC)

NYS DEC Investigation into Lafayette, NY Arrest

The NYS DEC concluded that the harvested deer was taken illegally through "spotlighting",  a method of hunting where a bright light is not only used to locate an animal, but in many instances is also implemented to "freeze" them with the light, allowing for an easier kill. From the NYS DEC:

Officers charged two individuals with a total of 16 violations including hunting while intoxicated, possessing loaded firearms in a motor vehicle, taking deer with the aid of an artificial light, and taking deer within 500 feet of a residence (all misdemeanors), along with other violations

The Many Hats of the NYS DEC

Investigations like these are only a small part of what keeps the NYS DEC busy. Other duties include everything educational programs and trail maintenance to hiker rescues and resource management. Speaking of rescues, check out the multi-agency helicopter rescue below, and keep scrolling to see how first responders were able to retrieve a full-grown horse from a backyard pool.

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