A deli is coming to a deserted Stewart's Shops location and it may just be exactly what some commuters have been clamoring for.

This is New York and there's always room for another deli in my opinion.

I know this might not be a major crisis by any stretch of the imagination but I'm so glad to see that something is taking over an old Stewart's Shops here in the Hudson Valley.

I cross the Newburgh-Beacon Bridge and cut across Rte 9D to get to Poughkeepsie every morning for work. Sadly, last year the Stewart's Shops location on 9D closed down and it didn't leave many options for us.

For weeks I have seen vans outside the old building as if something soon.

On the way from my commute from work I saw a pretty good sign. I mean that in that literally. I saw that a new business called One Stop Deli & Market is opening up at the abandoned Stewart's on Rte 9D in Wappingers Falls.

This addition along Rte 9D will be a nice change up for commuters who are looking for breakfast in the morning or a quick cup of coffee.


There's not much information about One Stop Deli & Market online and we don't have an official opening date yet.

I hope it opens soon because I could use really use a place that will make me an EBCSPK before work.

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